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R&D Tax Credits are made simple and stress-free for you with our claims process.

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Tap into the financial benefits offered by the research and development tax incentive

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BourkeHood is a global R&D Consultancy working across a multitude of sectors and business sizes to help clients apply for the R&D Tax Incentive.

Research and Development (R&D) tax incentive has become increasingly popular amongst startups as an innovative cash flow tool that allows them to inject funds into their projects as quickly as possible while maintaining full control of their business operations.

R&D Tax Incentive at a glance

The R&D tax incentive is a form of a tax offset that allows eligible companies to claim back up to 43.5% of their development costs back as cash injection (if the company is at a loss position), or a tax credit (if in profit).
The R&D Tax Incentive grants are normally processed by the company’s accountant, financial advisor, or CFO, however, by working with BourkeHood, you can maximise your chances of success.
Our highly qualified team of consultants in science, engineering, software, tax, and accounting works in tandem with your team to discover unique areas of opportunity that often go unnoticed within the scope of individual research.

What Activities Qualify

  • All R&D activity conducted in Australia;
  • Developing or designing new and/or innovative products or processes
  • Improving existing products, processes, or prototypes
  • Reviewing the potential of several alternatives or methods during the development or improvement processes.

Eligible Expenditures

  • Categories include, amongst others: Employee Salaries and Subcontractors
  • Supplies consumed (e.g. raw materials, consumables, supplies)
  • Rental or lease costs of off-premise computers (i.e. computer costs, hosting costs)

R&D credit eligibility is much broader than many companies realize, applying not only to product development, but also to activities and operations, such as new manufacturing processes, software development, and quality enhancements.

Our Steps in processing your claim

Phase 1:
Phase 1:

Technical Discussion

BourkeHood process starts with you. In Phase 1, we assign the consultant to your case who will be working with you to explore the scope and depth of R&D amongst your business activities and projects and gain an initial understanding of the potential claim value.

Phase 2
Phase 2

Claim Documentation

BourkeHood takes the legwork to prepare the technical narrative and financial documentation of your claim. Our unique ‘reverse audit methodology’ minimises the risk of post-submission questions, whereas our dedicated team ensures a straightforward process.

Phase 3:
Phase 3:

Financial Calculations

After collecting the necessary information from you regarding your R&D projects and costs, we calculate your eligible R&D expenditure on a project-by-project basis.

Phase 4:
Phase 4:


BourkeHood prepares your application for lodging which then needs to be submitted as part of your Corporation Tax together with your Accountants. Once approved, you will receive the full benefit.

R&D Tax Incentives

Our Sectors

Become the right R&D candidate. Any organization or business that spends time and money on innovation is eligible for the R&D tax credit.


Any advancement in the scientific field qualifies for the R&D credit. This includes the enhancement of the existing products and processes of applied sciences. Veterinary Science, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, or activities related to other science-related projects such as Chemistry, Sports Science, and Food Science are eligible for the tax credit.


The software industry is a strong candidate for R&D incentives. The sector is a burning zone for innovation and development. Businesses making new developments in the Artificial Intelligence domain and companies working on quality improvement of existing software and prototype or investing time in designing new systems qualify for the R&D tax credit.


Engineering is a field that makes the best benefit from the R&D credit. Processes related to technological improvements, developing the latest manufacturing methods, and introducing new engineering designs or projects can avail the R&D credit. Domains like environmental, mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, etc., stand top in the line for the benefits of the credit. 

Frequently Asked Questions about R&D Tax Credit

"I was approached by Jason on LinkedIn regarding R&D Tax incentives and he explained to me how the process works. I wasn’t aware of this scheme before that and I’m glad he reached out! These guys know what they are doing and are experts in their field. I would advise any business who are looking to apply for this scheme to work with Bourkehood as they are professionals in this.""


""After reaching out to Jason and his team for the New Zealand RDTI from Callaghan Group and the IRD we were helped along the way to submit a very successful grant application. The grant we received exceeded $45,000 with their help. The team members we worked with stepped us through the process and provided a lot of the content for the grant application. They were available at all times and kept in constant communications. We are still working with them for the latest grant applications, use them , there is NO RISK or COST until you win the grant. No brainer really!!!""

Steve Shepherd


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