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Research & Development Tax Incentives

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R&D Costs

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Claiming the R&D Funding

The Problem With Claiming the R&D Tax Incentive

When it comes to claiming the R&D funding, the biggest problem we see is not with eligibility but with misinformation and incomplete claims. This typically follows when a client’s accountant has told them, “leave your R&D tax incentive claims with me”. We love accountants. They’re some of our biggest clients. But…

The fact is, although accountants have the financial ability to submit the R&D Tax Incentive claim, their technical expertise to satisfy the requirements of the technical report may not be as extensive as the one coming from industry experts and consultants. The downside to this is you could end up doing this work yourself – describing the technicalities of your project, defining hypotheses, and justifying the uncertainties faced. And that, as we know too well, is a time-consuming process that can get very complex very fast.


R&D is much broader than we think

What Is The R&D Tax Incentive?

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive is a scheme introduced by the Governments to reward and encourage innovation and advancement of science, technology, and knowledge. This scheme allows you to claim back on your expenses related to development. But don’t let the term ‘R&D’ deter you from finding out if your business qualifies!

R&D is much broader than we think and can take place in almost any sector. Whether your business improves the crop yields and fertiliser quality, constructs buildings, or develops its existing software to be more streamlined – you could potentially qualify.



Trusting Bourkehood

Why Trust R&D Tax With BourkeHood?

Our Expertise

35+ years of combined technical and financial experience means we know how to maximize your R&D tax relief claims.

Proven Methodology

Our proven and tested methodology ensures experienced consultants review your case throughout the entire process.

Our Mission

We help businesses grow through maximising all possible R&D tax incentives and grant opportunities.


Free Consultation Call with BourkeHood

This is where we can tell you more about what it is that we do, and a great opportunity for you to ask any questions in relation to your company’s projects.

Whether you are already claiming and would like to compare your options, or just starting to research about the scheme, we’re here to help.

"I was approached by Jason on LinkedIn regarding R&D Tax incentives and he explained to me how the process works. I wasn’t aware of this scheme before that and I’m glad he reached out! These guys know what they are doing and are experts in their field. I would advise any business who are looking to apply for this scheme to work with Bourkehood as they are professionals in this.""


""After reaching out to Jason and his team for the New Zealand RDTI from Callaghan Group and the IRD we were helped along the way to submit a very successful grant application. The grant we received exceeded $45,000 with their help. The team members we worked with stepped us through the process and provided a lot of the content for the grant application. They were available at all times and kept in constant communications. We are still working with them for the latest grant applications, use them , there is NO RISK or COST until you win the grant. No brainer really!!!""

Steve Shepherd