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R&D Tax Credits are made simple and stress-free for you with our claims process.

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Fulfill the qualification criteria and avail of the R&D tax incentive with an authentic claim. Tax Experts and Accounting Professionals at Bourkehood will make this claim easier for you and help you gain exciting benefits from the tax credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can Bourkehood help me to claim the R&D tax incentive?

Hiring a Bourkehood team of R&D financing and tax professionals will get you an extra pair of expert hands. Moreover, our R&D tax offset advisors value your time and provide efficient services that bring you amazing benefits.

Unlike other tax companies, Bourkehood offers come with:

  • Free workforce resources.
  • Claim in the reasonable budget only consuming 240K$ per year.
  • Get your claim standing less than an hour.

What does Bourkehood R&D Tax consultant do?

Bourkehood R&D Tax Incentive consultant will give you an overview of everything you need to know about us and what we will do before assisting you in availing of the tax credit. The next thing you need is our expert advice to get going with your tax claim.

  1. Our experts will verify the concerning criteria and activities of your company to fulfill the eligibility for the R&D credit.
  2. We justify the four-part test and others and prepare projects for your qualifying activities to strengthen your claim for the credit.
  3. Once we are done with the activities, the next step is linking your payroll and accounting software to keep financial records saved.
  4. Sift the qualifying ones and add them to the claim documents to avoid the incurred expenses.
  5. After collecting information, we set your documents and prepare your claim efficiently on time to file it with your company’s annual tax return.

How and where should I need to start my claim?

Claiming the R&D credit isn’t that hard when you have an authentic claim. So don’t you worry!

However, availing of the R&D credit is based upon understanding its qualification flow. This gets even easier when you are working with the experts at Bourkehood.

Firstly, we check your eligible entity and analyze your company wages and research expenses to meet the criteria for claiming the R&D Incentive.

After qualification, we sum up the costs, interests, and capital gains to calculate the gross revenue and ensure it’s less than 5 million dollars, as per R&D requirements.

Remember, you cannot generally claim R&D expenditure because a good claim contains a breakdown of all the incurred costs and fulfillment of qualification criteria.

How do the R&D tax credit benefit startups and small organizations?

Many companies believe that credit does not benefit small or startup companies, but that is certainly incorrect. However, the R&D tax credit offers different schemes with various policies to benefit startups and SMEs. 

If you have successfully understood and passed the eligibility requirements and know how to maximize this credit, then you can avail of the benefits of this tax incentive.

Firstly, your small or medium-sized business should be in its early stages. It only has 5 fiscal years or less of generated revenue and should have $5 million or less in revenue to claim the recent tax credit.

If your startup does not demonstrate the income that qualifies for this and your tax credit receipts are dated before 2012. In that case, you are automatically ineligible and can’t avail yourself of it.


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